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Pregame Speeches – Give them or don’t give them?
February 18, 2009, 2:11 am
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The pregame speech is something that every coach has put that extra time into before that big game.  Why is it so important to come up with just the right speech before a game?  There are tons of well-known speeches out there.  There is the speech from Rudy, there is the speech from We Are Marshall, and there are others that are out there floating around on the web as well.  Here is a website that is dedicated to nothing but Pregame Speeches

Is the pregame the best time to give that BIG speech?  Doesn’t a teenager have enough to think about at that point in time?  “Mom and dad in the stands with grandma and grandpa, girlfriend brought mom and dad with her tonight, and now coach is telling me how big a game this is for my future.”  Oh and there is a game to be played…”What was that new play we put in this week?”  Do we put too much on these kids in pregame?  Teenagers are going to be teenagers.  Put too much on their plate and they shut off.  To me Less is More when talking to them before the game. 

My question is…..”Is it the speech itself that gets the players psyched up about playing?  Or is it that they believe in the person giving the speech, and they are willing to do whatever they can for that person?”

Why do movies present these speeches as make or break in the outcome of the games being played in the movies?  Our athletes see these speeches and think that is the way it is supposed to be.  Is it a fair comparison? (movies versus reality)




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I observed our high school football team last season in the locker room before each game. The head coach did not do a pre game speech. Most of the time was spent reviewing assignments. Now, this team had no natural leaders or motivators amongst them. They werent doing well the first four games. One of the assistant coaches stepped in and started delivering some fire & brimstone speeches and sure enough the team started winning. I’m convinced if it is done correctly and with passion, then it will help the team.

Comment by data13

I recently made a collection of both real life pre-game speeches and movie pre-game speeches. Most of them unsurprisingly came from football. I would say the purpose of them depends entirely on the coach. Some coaches prefer the rile them up, some prefer to instill confidence, and some prefer a combination of both. I personally like the ones that slowly build up to a big finish at the end.

Check these speeches out if you’re curious.

Comment by Andy Huang

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