Coaching – A View From the Sidelines

Coaching – A love of Labor?
February 20, 2009, 10:33 pm
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Strength and Conditioning Coordinator

Equipment Manager

Athletic Trainer

Recruiting Coordinator

Facility Manager

These sound familiar guys?

What about….




I have recently ran across this article from the Washington Post dealing with the hours and commitment high school coaches put in.  It can be a daunting task to put in the hours a high school coach has to put in.  It can be hard on your family and yourself to be away from them.  My wife and kids are very supportive in what I do, and I know that a lot of the coaches that I work with and have worked with have been lucky to have spouses or significant others that also understand the time it takes. I average about 60 hours per week at school.  That doesn’t count what I put in on my own time.  There are hours of phone calls and hundreds of emails to college recruiters, hours cutting the fields, hours getting highlight films finished, and then what really matters…Getting to your kids football game, soccer game, pizza bingo, and many other things they need you to be there for.  Also, making time to make sure Mama is happy. Allowing her to go after whatever makes her happy and backing her no matter what.  Those are the things that have to be done. 

The main thing that I do to make sure the family doesn’t feel left out is to keep them as involved in the program as I can.  My kids are at practice as much as they can be.  My wife comes by and hangs out at practice, and we have the coaches and players over for dinner.  That is what it is about.  Connecting with the players on more than just on the playing field.  Trust is built by backing what you preach.  If you preach family, they better see you practicing what you preach.  God-Family-School-Football(or whatever sport you coach) is the order I teach my children, and I make sure my players understand that concept.

The hours you put in are worth every cent in the world when you see your players accomplish something they haven’t in a while.  The tears they cry, and the words they say to you will stay with you forever.  When the tough guy QB comes over to you after the game and gives you a hug and says we did this for you, thank you for believing in us when no one else did.  There isn’t much else that can top that.  That makes those hours worth it.  To see the players then turn and give my little boys high fives and hugs as they run all over the field excited lets me know it is worth it.

As long as my wife and children keep supporting me, I will be right there for those kids.  I will be there every day at Seven AM and leave school at Seven PM,(in the off-season)  Happy to know that I have a job that I love, and that I am working with a group of coaches that I enjoy being around and learning with, and from.  When the day comes that I am not happy to put in the extra hours….I will just walk away. 

Even though we carry each title at the top of this article…There isn’t a better profession in the world.  As I tell my kids at home and at school, there isn’t much in the world I wouldn’t do for you.

Doesn’t get much better than this….Wouldn’t you agree?


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I definetly with everything you said. Especially where you say ” If you preach family, they better see you practicing what you preach. God-Family-School-Football(or whatever sport you coach)”

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