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March 4, 2009, 10:19 am
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This Friday we will have a guest speaker from East Carolina University here at school to talk to our underclassmen about the commitment it takes to be an athlete at the next level.  Harold Robinson, the former Head Football Coach at Williamston High school, will be representing ECU as their football department liaison.  He has a lot of experience in dealing with what it takes to get athletes into each of the different levels of collegiate athletics.

Why do I think this is important?

I think this talk is important on many levels.  As a high school coach, I am interested in what he has to say so I can help my STUDENT-athletes get to the next level.  I think it is important for them to be a well-rounded human being, not just an “athletic machine.”  Their is a reason these kids are not called ATHLETIC-STUDENTS.  Student comes first.  It always has, and it always will.  I make my kids go to tutoring.  Even if they have A’s, they are to go and see if they can make a higher A.  I want them to strive for perfection.  Why is that so wrong of me?  I have seen decent results, but I want more.  I want 100% of my kids in A’s and B’s.  I know that is a high goal, but if I don’t have that outlook for them, WHO WILL? What is wrong with striving for perfection?  I have been taught by many others, kids will try their best to reach the goals that you set for them.  I have seen this as true, but I want more than just a majority of the athletes to strive for this.  The old saying goes….

Reach for the Moon,

Even if you fail to reach it,

You land among the stars.

Isn’t that the way it should be…Set the goals high, and see how high they will take them?

Also, I want them to hear this speech from the mouth of someone who has lived each aspect of high school and college athletics.  This man has given 40 years of his life to a game he loves, and now he is in a position to help out others that are in the position that he once held.  That is someone I admire. 

Students today do not put enough emphasis on COMMITMENT!!!  This is commitment on the field AND in the classroom.  They feel that their talents on the field will still get them what they need, and as long as they maintain a C average they are ok.  THEY ARE WRONG!  Maybe they need to hear it from someone other than their own parents, teachers, and coaches?  Maybe hearing that from someone outside of the situation will help it sink in.  I am not sure. 

Also, their commitment to their sport, both in and out of season needs to be better.  They don’t understand that just playing that sport during the season from 4-6pm everyday doesn’t make you a superstar.  They don’t understand that if they put in just an extra hour or two a week that they could greatly enhance their chances of success.  They don’t understand that if they hit the weightroom HARD in the off-season it would be beneficial to them.  They picture it as EXTRA work that isn’t useful.  EVEN WHEN THEY ARE SEEING POSITIVE RESULTS!!! They think that an hour of lifting every day in their weight training class is enough.   It is just not that important to them until they are a senior and don’t have anyone looking at them.  THEN they want me to come in and let them lift three times a day, and work on their speed and agility.  I am always happy to help, but it is hard to find schools to look at someone that has waited until their senior year to do anything.  They just don’t want to believe this.  Then they find out it is too late.

When you combine the lackadaisical attitude in the classroom and on the field, it is like combining vinegar and baking soda.  You are going to have an explosion…and that isn’t a good thing! 

Hopefully Coach Robinson will be able to hit a nerve and force these kids to look at themselves in the mirror, and make them face their commitment issues head on. 

The question is,




—-I will also post AFTER the meeting on Friday….Will let you all know how it goes.


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